These are the values that define the lines of action of Benseny, its ethical principles and the culture of the company.


Treat all people equally, assess their work and correct mistakes. When people are respected they feel accepted and motivated to continue with their work and develop their personal and work skills better.


Be honest in labor relations. Exposure to situations such as, not to defraud or to make false promises to other people, customers or suppliers.


Be committed to the community. Generate and implement various initiatives and activities that contribute to improving the quality of life and the environment of people.


To love what is done and to fight day by day to improve what is offered.


Be committed to the planet and the well-being of the people. Take seriously the environment, optimizing facilities, production process and waste management. Consume the minimum and recycle the maximum. Take advantage of the 98Kw / h that your photovoltaic plant generates.


Organize, manage and do everything right at the first, always and all, in all areas of the organization, in order to achieve optimal results.